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Volume 1

Volume 1 touches on enough JavaScript to give you beginner reading and writing level skills.

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  1. Introduction: How to learn JavaScript enjoyably
    Why should you use this book? How to use this book to learn well.
  2. Display a Message
    Including: code, run, statements, functions, function calls, arguments, values, basic console usage, alert function
  3. Chatterbot Mark 1
    Including: input, processing, output, prompt function, strings, text editing, basic web page javascript, expressions, expression statements, operators, variable declaration, variable assignment & definition, * operator, / operator, identifiers
  4. Guess the Number
    Including: objects, setting & retrieving properties, calling methods, the Math object, Math.floor, Math.random, the if statement and conditionals
  5. The Bank
    Including: more on functions, making functions, events, interacting with the DOM browser, comments, more conditionals
  6. More chapters soon!

Happy Learn JavaScript Tutorial is licenced under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence. (Human-Readable summary.)